• love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book
  • love is. ♡ book

love is. ♡ book

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"a beautifully crafted, nourishing book for big and little kids. love is. a gentle reminder that you can find magic in everything."

-  lou, editor in chief, lunch lady mag

love is. a grown-ups book disguised as a kids picture book. the book touches on love and loss, the physical and the non-physical and the material and immaterial worlds in simple verse with full colour illustrations.

this book was created as a reminder to us humans great and small about the tiny moments that count and joy we find in the most tiny of gestures and fleeting moments in time. it’s got nothing to do with money, status or anything particularly fancy - those moments where you felt deeply in your heart, that was pretty bloody sweet. 

love is an indie project that was funded by 240 kind & kickass backers who supported a kickstarter campaign to bring this book to life. words & pictures by dee kawai tang.

contains 32 full colour print pages on creamy 150gsm FSC forest friendly paper. hard cover bound with linen fabric with gold stamped title. dimensions 25cm x 19cm x 1.5cm.

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